About NNA

Welcome to the National Neighborhood Association.

We’re glad you’re here. You’ve joined your neighbors across the country who, like you, are motivated to make things better, healthier and safer. Our motto is, Let’s do some good today.™

This is your front porch gathering spot—so, talk and make it happen. Have fun meeting your new neighbors, too. This is a community of neighborhood, homeowner, and property owner associations, where we share experiences and best practices to solve problems—and where we join together and have more power to solve our problems.

We join together to:
• make improvements in our neighborhoods and solve community problems
• make new friends
• join new groups (for example, crime watch, civic issues, fun activities, etc.)
• create new groups to connect to other neighborhoods to get help in solving your neighborhood problem
• develop new hobbies with friends
• find a babysitter or lawn service and so much more.

It’s also a place to relax, share, and enjoy good company. Let’s get started.

Come to our front porch and make your neighborhood safer and friendlier. More members means more power to improve our neighborhoods and cities.